Are ABEC 5 bearings good for longboards?

What Are Bearings?

Technically, bearings are those rings and balls compressed into one small package that’s about the size of a coin.

Their main job is to help your wheels roll super fast and smooth. Bearing size is universal across various board categories. You’ll often find them about 22mm in the outer diameter, 8mm in the inner diameter, and 7mm in width.

What Are The Components Of Bearings?

Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand
Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand

The main components of bearings are metal rings, shields, and rubber seal.

You’ll often find 7 parts making up a bearing:

C-ring: this thing locks everything into place

Bearing shield: this guards dust, moisture, or mud against entering the interior

Outer ring: the round exterior that all other parts fit into

Inner ring: the part that comes in direct contact with the axle

Balls: around 7-8 steel balls to help the bearings roll nicely

Ball retainer: also called Deltin Crown. It keeps the balls in place.

Rubber seal: seal everything up nice and tight.


Are Retrospec longboards good for beginners?

Quick Longboards Basics

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

You can skip this section if you’ve already equipped yourself with all the necessary info about longboards. For complete beginners, stay here!

Longboards are the longest types of boards among various other kinds. Their length is usually over 36 inches. And they weigh well over 8 or 9 lbs.

Have you ever been to those California or Destin beaches and missed the surfing there? Many players sure have. That’s partly why longboards are created. They are surf inspired. They do look a lot like your typical surfboard.

Now, who is longboard for, you may ask? Longboards are awesome for long distance rides, carving, racing downhill, doing some tricks, and even freestyling.

They can be a bit awkward and heavy to carry around. We generally don’t recommend using longboards for daily commutes. However, you can if you want to, of course.

5 Types of Longboards You Need To Know

To choose the best longboards, not just the Retrospec longboards, you should at least know the 5 most common types of longboards there are right now.


These are surf-inspired. They are very beginner-friendly. In fact, they do look a lot like your surfboards. The decks are flat and there are no kicktails on the boards.

Usually, you’ll find high-degree trucks and soft wheels on cruising longboards. You can easily cruise on these for casual or long rides. They feel a whole lot cruisy as well.