Is Penny Australia a good skateboard brand?

Having a good skateboard brand in mind when selecting our skateboard is quite important. You’ll need to know which are the brands that you can trust to narrow down your choices. And among the emerging skateboard brands, Penny Australia is definitely a big name.

Penny Australia is a relatively new skateboard brand which only dates back in the recent years. However, despite their short history, the brand still managed to make a name for themselves with the Penny skateboards.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Penny Australia’s skateboards in general to see if this is a good skateboard brand. So stay tuned if you you’re interested.

About Penny Australia Skateboard Brand

a skateboard for kids

Founded in 2019 by its current owner Ben Mackey, Penny Australia skateboard quickly receive its reputation for producing some of the best plastic skateboards. Their Penny skateboards line of products even become so popular that people often mistake the name Penny boards for a types of skateboard instead of a brand.