Is Penny Australia a good skateboard brand?

Having a good skateboard brand in mind when selecting our skateboard is quite important. You’ll need to know which are the brands that you can trust to narrow down your choices. And among the emerging skateboard brands, Penny Australia is definitely a big name.

Penny Australia is a relatively new skateboard brand which only dates back in the recent years. However, despite their short history, the brand still managed to make a name for themselves with the Penny skateboards.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Penny Australia’s skateboards in general to see if this is a good skateboard brand. So stay tuned if you you’re interested.

About Penny Australia Skateboard Brand

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Founded in 2019 by its current owner Ben Mackey, Penny Australia skateboard quickly receive its reputation for producing some of the best plastic skateboards. Their Penny skateboards line of products even become so popular that people often mistake the name Penny boards for a types of skateboard instead of a brand.

Nonetheless, Penny Australia skateboard is known for their plastic-oriented products which offer great portability and durability. For those who’re looking for a Penny board, the original products from Penny Australia skateboard is definitely the best choice.

Up until now, the brand has been making various skateboards for different skating activities, which includes cruising, freestyles, downhill racing, and so on. Some of the most popular products are the Penny boards and Nickel boards, both offering good speed and portability. In addition, they also produce longboard and cruiser boards, but still keep the sizes relatively small as a unique feature.

Is Penny Australia A Good Skateboard Brand

Here you’ll find the advantages and disadvantages of skateboards from Penny Australia. Judging on your requirements, you can decide whether it’s worth to invest in their products.


The original and high-quality Penny boards manufacturer

Are Penny Board skateboards good for beginners

If you ask me, the original Penny boards that are made by Penny Australia are still, without a doubt, the best product for anyone who’s looking for a portable skateboard. It comes with a compact and small design, which greatly reduce the size of the board while maintaining a good level of rigidness.

In addition, with most of the components are made from plastic, their boards offer impressive lightweight, allowing skateboarders to enjoy casual transportations. Penny Australia skateboards also offer good speed as well as stability for those who wish to ride on them.

All in all, if you’re looking for a high-quality skateboard to ride on your way to work or school, cruising the beach, and the likes, products from Penny Australia skateboards are solid choices for you.

Smooth and comfortable rides with reliable cornering

Riding on Penny Australia skateboards is truly a bless thanks to the comfortable and speedy boards. Each component in their boards is synchronously assembled, which help to reduce the oversteer that happens on most skateboards when turning.

In addition, the kick tail design allows skateboarders to easily control their Penny Australia skateboard as well as having a comfortable stance on it. The smooth wheels also help to prevent friction while riding on rough surfaces. This makes the board faster and more efficient.

Elegant and fashionable designs

the Original Penny and the Nickel Board

A big reason why many people fall in love with Penny Australia skateboards, not just the original Penny board but also the other boards in their stocks, is because of the elegant designs that they offer.

The deck is made from high-quality plastic which doesn’t only offer excellent performances, but also the sleek and polished look. In addition, due to their plastic nature, the skateboard decks are quite easy to color, which results in a broad line of products featuring colorful and fashionable designs.

Moreover, the wheels and trucks are also well-colored, making the Penny boards extremely catchy and elegant. And last but not least, Penny boards come with no grip tape so you can wear your favorite shoes on them with ease.

Small and portable design

Most of the skateboards from Penny Australia come with a small and sleek design. This improves the speed as well as the portability of the board. Hence, if you’re looking for a good board for casual cruising, then Penny Australia is a good brand to turn to. In addition, their plastic skateboards line of products is simply unbeatable in terms of quality and portability.

High-quality wheels with high-precision bearings

Penny boards usually come with high-quality wheels, featuring a suitable hardness and size for urban cruising. On top of that, you’re also backed by the high-precision bearings that have an ABEC rating of 7 and above. This allows for smooth and high-precision rides without any speed wobbles.

The wheels on Penny Australia skateboards are mostly smooth so they’re suitable for riding in the city and on level terrain. Hence, you’ll find these boards extremely suitable for casual transportation.

Reliable trucks with high-performance bushing

ENKEEO 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard Complete Plastic Banana Board with Bendable Deck

An important feature about Penny Australia skateboards that separate them from the cheap plastic skateboards are the high-quality Aluminum trucks. Combined with high-performance bushings, you’ll have comfortable rides on the Penny Australia skateboards.


Expensive Penny boards

As you take a look at all the products on the plastic skateboards on the market, you’ll find the original Penny boards quite expensive compared to the other plastic boards from other brands. Although it’s compensation for extremely high-quality and rigid built from Penny Australia manufacturer, if you’re just looking for a standard plastic board to ride on, there are still more reasonable options.

Aren’t good for doing tricks

The thing with most of the skateboards from Penny Australia is that they’re plastic-oriented and mostly focus on portability. So if you’re looking for a skateboard to perform skill and tricks, Penny Australia skateboards are not the best choice. Instead, you can go for the regular wooden skateboards, which offer both functionality and better prices.

Small standing space

Carrying your skateboard in shopping style

Most of Penny Australia skateboards are constructed with relatively small decks, even with their Nickel line up. So you might find them a little uncomfortable to ride on, especially tall people with large feet.

And that’s our opinions about whether Penny Australia a good skateboard brand. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.